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How I Perceive Stress – Hint: I Don’t

I think that the title is clear here, I mean everybody has something that comes their way totally unexpected.

Most people get stressed.

I don’t. I refuse to, and so I manage my stress level by not experiencing it.

Of course things are going to get crazy so that means that there’s no avoiding problems, complaints, surprise issues, everything breaking randomly. It is going to happen, so why stress out over it when you know it is coming anyway. This doesn’t make any sense.

First you get stressed. This sucks.

Then you get sick from it. This sucks even more and come to think about it, this is also your fault because you got stressed in the first place.

Then you do the next logical thing. You say: “I need to be better as dealing with stress!”

But you know what?

The stress is still there.

You still can’t focus on the solution with this method. You’re fixated on the problem.

When you take it another step you get to the point where problems come your way you don’t perceive then as problems. You also don’t stress about it, when this happens there’s nothing to process, you don’t need to focus on problem. You look for the solution and move on.

This works.

When people storm in your office screaming, “Everything is fucked, the sky is falling, and we’re going to go out of business. Fucked I tell you!”

They expect you to stress, fill out and run around with your hands in the air! They want you to react with them.

I liken that to heard mentality.

But now you might say: “Wow, I get it. When there’s a problem, and I know there will be, let’s just take this first step and see how to fix it and just move on.” When that doesn’t work out you go back to freaking the fuck out and your no better off than you were before.

It’s good to be resourceful, to wear different hats, and all the other clichés that you hear people banter around, but if you can’t manage the stress, no matter how good you are you won’t make it. The stress will get you before you know what hit you.

This isn’t magic by any means.

You will still have work to be done and you may not feel stressed by it but you shouldn’t get get buried under it. So it is important to remember to take care of yourself too: both emotionally and mentally, as well as physically – whatever that might mean to you.

The road is long, retirement is a lifetime away and that is a long time to go while neglecting yourself.

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