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Why I Love Bob’s Burgers

I love the show because they moved away from the original formula. Or gimmick, or format, whatever you would want to call it that was first pitched around. The show was intended to be about cannibals. And horror visions of Parker and Stone’s Cannibal: A Musical comeback to haunt me till this day.

Bob’s isn’t any of that, though it did put Tina’s obsession with butts into perspective for me.

No what I love is that the show rings true. And here is why it does that, at least for me.

  1. Like the Simpsons, and plenty of other shows that followed it, it has comedians doing the voice acting, not voice actors who tend to deliver the lines with extra cheese. Good jokes work better when told well.
  2. There are enough hilarious supporting characters used sparsely enough that you don’t get tired of them. Quagmire on Family Guy is annoying and one-note as fuck by now (I get it, he’s horny), but I cherish seeing Mickey, Marshmallow, Sergeant Bosco, Andie and Ollie, or Roller Skating Speedo Dude a couple times a season on Bob’s Burgers for a well-timed appearance.
  3. The sense of humor of the show isn’t premise-based. The plots themselves aren’t the only funny point, it’s how lines are delivered, the love between members of the family, the strength and likeability of the characters, etc. They’re funny and watchable for who they are, not just what they do.

Point number three really rings strong for me.

And I couldn’t thank the creators enough for that.

I love BB.

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