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Instagram, Epiphanies, Shoelaces, and Burgers

When you set out to achieve a simple goal, the simple part is usually the part that ends up tripping you up the most. At least it is in my case, well, not in every case, but it is a little like those times when you under estimate something. If you were to put it down as an instagram story it would be one of those short little tales that has this foreseeable ending. And that is usually the part that is hard to see coming when you overlook the important parts.

Have you ever had one of those epiphany moments that just blows your mind. It is one of those experiences that changes the way you attempt to do things. A good example of that is re-learning to tie your shoes. No, it isn’t like you forgot, it is more about the realization that you had been doing it wrong the whole time. I’ll let TED & Terry Moore explain that one. And when they have I can guarantee you may rethink the way you look at your shoes.

Still, as interesting as these moments are for you I can tell you from experience that they will not be met with the same sense of Awwww when you share it with your friends, colleges, or family. It will at best be acknowledged with a sense of bewilderment, which might mean a number of different things.

The most common ones are:

  1. I knew that already. (Why didn’t you?)
  2. This means nothing for my life. (Why are you telling me?)
  3. This does nothing for you. (Why are you wasting time on it?)

The “what” in my case is this website.

Let me explain.

I am sort of in that odd in between phase. When I was growing up my older sister and her friends all had sites on geocities and anglefire and who knows what else. They shared their fan ring stuff and she showed me how she would make a page. It was all very interesting, and I sat their with the mild bewilderment and Awwww that she was so cool. Then she would chase me out of the room and well, I was sort of annoying. Sorry, sis.

When I finally got the green light to go online the social network craze had hit and I was amazed by sites like myspace (briefly) and then moved on to bluer pastures.

It wasn’t until recently that I sort of got it. I realized that I had been missing out on this thing webmastering. Though that is a little sexist. Seeing that plenty of masters are women, but that it better left for another post.

As you can imagine the “I knew that already.” comes from my sister. She has been here, she as done this, and in all honesty she is the one that helped me get the site running. Thanks to her Kory’s Diner is open for business, though you can’t eat here and you should be glad about that since I am terrible in the kitchen. I’m also not a diner, I just like the ring to it. It sort of has a Bob’s Burger sort of charm to it. Which also got a number three on the list.

Helen Kory 🙂