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My Least Favorite Character On Bob’s Burgers

So as you all know I am a total BB fan. And as we were talking about the show the other day around the watercooler the discussion came up. Who is your least favorite character on the show. And I learned then, mine is definitely an unpopular opinion but I have to say it is going to be Louise.

This is definitely a brave opinion when you talk to some Bob’s Burgers fans.

I just don’t find the “evil child” schtick that funny. I have a tendency to dislike this archetype. The child that’s smarter than everyone else. Steuy is a prime example of this take to the extreme. Her maniacal screaming and laughter, sorry, it isn’t funny to me (at least most of the time). Maybe I’m subconsciously just going against the grain because everyone I know loves her character.

I’m sorry.

But I really feel like this is overused. Especially in animation. I guess that it is just easier or something.

Anyway, I rarely ever enjoy her jokes though she does have her moments. Before you get bent out of shape, that being said, the way they treat Louise in the show is great. I mean they really don’t get any better than that. And that is why I still have a soft spot for her. One example is in the episodes where she lets her guard down, and where they show her humainty, these moments are absolutely amazing. Here is one example of what I mean. If you know the sleep-over episode, the boy band episode, etc. these episodes are some of my favorites.

The rest of the time I just find her irritating. As you can see I don’t hate her as a character. It is just that she can be really frustrating to watch. But the same goes for Gene just that it is too a lesser extent.

What I can’t stand with Gene is when he gets in the middle. I mean I really find it annoying when Gene loudly interjects and interrupts, but real people also annoy me when they do this, and I find those jokes are very hit or miss.

Mostly, miss.

Note that I said least favorite. That means that they just don’t work for me all the time. I guess it comes down to I like the characters of Gene and Louise but I don’t find them funny and I find them to be annoying sometimes. And they are my least favorite characters on the show.

Whereas my favorites are: Bob, Linda, and Tina. I love these characters almost all of the time, and when I don’t I still find them to be funny and bearable.

Makes sense right?

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